Bankruptcy of United States Incorporated Emergency Banking Act March 9, 1933 Original Document

1933 was the Major year of events in America. During 1933 constitutional money (gold) became outlawed and effectively all property in America became mortgaged and held in a Trust for the Federal Reserve bank as collateral for the nation’s debt when the “United States” Incorporated became Bankrupt. All of this was done without the full knowledge or consent of the American people. This was the year that the Bankrupt Corporation instituted the creation of the ALL CAPITAL letter strawman names (via the newly required Birth Certificates) for American citizens thus creating a whole new class of “Persons/fictious Corporations” as debtor bond slaves.

On June 5th, 1933 the UNITED STATES congress passed House Joint Resolution 192 Chapter 48 which served as a declaration of bankruptcy. Congress declared in HJR 192 Chapter 48 that demanding payments in Gold (constitutional money) or in any particular form would now be against public policy. At the same time President Roosevelt issued executive order 6102 forbidding the hoarding of gold coins, gold bullion and certificates. With this executive order Roosevelt ordered that most of the gold in circulation be turned in to Federal Reserve Banks across the nation under the threat of fines and 10 years imprisonment.

What the leaders at the time failed to disclose was, that with the confiscation of all gold (money) and property, that made all Americans, spelled in the UPPER CASE NAMES were now actually the CREDITORS to the U.S. Bankruptcy. Because of the passage of HJR 192 Chapter 48 it was now illegal for Americans to pay for anything. Gold was traded for Federal Reserve notes of indebtedness which made paying for anything impossible as notes of debt do not pay for anything but delay the payment until a later date. What the government offered instead of gold was CREDIT, but they offered it to the banks, not the people.


Please see the following Original Document: 







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