Discharge Any Obligation Mortgages Criminal Charges IRS Student Loans via Accepted for Value A4V


According to House Joint Resolution 192 Chapter 48 of 1933 NO Obligation can be “Payed” for because NO lawful “money”, Gold, is in circulation. That was because of the United States Bankruptcy according to “Emergency Banking Act of 1933”. Please see   https://unitedstatesisabankruptcorporation.wordpress.com/bankruptcy-of-united-states-incorporated-emergency-banking-act-march-9-1933-original-document/Bankruptcy of United States Incorporated Emergency Banking Act March 9, 1933 Original Document  . You are in fact have been pledge without your consent as the collateral for this Bankruptcy. Your Birth Certificate has what is known as a CUSIP number on it. That is a bond number which is publically traded on the Stock Market. It is a Pre-Paid account for you to access. Your Social Security Number also has a CUSIP number on the back of your card and is also a Pre-Paid account you can access. During your lifetime your are worth Billions of Dollars. Because of it YOU can access this Pre-Paid account because of House Joint Resolution 192 Chapter 48 in order to Discharge any Obligation because you have unlimited liability due to this Birth Certificate CUSIP number bond account.

Ask yourself this: why since the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States corporation has it NOT ever been discharged on the accounting books yet and you still remain the collateral/asset/the bank  for it?

Please take Notice of this WARNING: if you hire an attorney you are contracting with the licensed agent of the bankrupt corporation. First, refuse to contract with any of “them”. “They” need your consent in order to proceed. They will state “do you understand” and that means do you stand under their contract? Say “No, I do NOT consent”. If you do consent say “I conditionally accept your offer upon” – then state your counter offer terms that they must perform under the contract agreement. If all else fails you are the bank/asset/collateral that generates revenue for them. You can discharge any obligation through your signature. Its a negotiable instrument under the bankruptcy of 1933 as lawful “money”, Gold, was confiscated. You can only charge and discharge obligations/debts. You can NOT “pay” for any purchase as NO lawful “money” exists. Its all debit and credit accounting ledger entries. 

Please see the following Original document as proof/evidence: 

House Joint Resolution HJR 192 Chapter 48 Where Accepted for Value A4V comes from Can’t Pay for Anything


Your CUSIP number is a registered trademark of the “American Bankers
Association” and is worth billions via your traded
birth certificate bond a.k.a CUSIP number on the stock market:

screenshot_CUSIP ABA.com Trademark



“American Bankers Association”


I attempted to place the following files on other websites as when the “system” fails there will be NO longer youtube.com but I have been thwarted and they will NOT allow me to log in any longer to upload the following files in order for you to be able to download them. If you are unaware youtube.com , google.com , facebook.com  are all part of the means of controlling you and they are monitoring you in what you look at. Please be aware, “Take Notice”, that “they” will track you if you do NOT use some sort of proxy sever to mask you ip and mac location to the following hyperlinks. I am sorry that most are youtube.com videos; which is part of the Bankrupt Corporation if you are NOT aware. I have provided the “Name” of the videos so look for it on the internet somewhere else if the hyperlink is presently dead. I have been thwarted in attempting to provide other locations for these videos to you at present. Please see the following for further information “Haarp agenda 21 and googles role in the sinister dna plan”


“Doug Riddle’s Accepted For Value”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIsNWI1aWOg

“If you can’t PAY for anything Accept it “For Value” and DISCHARGE your DEBTS!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrVyfc9NEhk


Your Birth Certificate CUSIP Number is worth billions as traded on the stock market –

“Your Birth Certificate is worth Billions”

“Birth Certifactes Strawman & Sold Into Slavery In 1932”

Birth Certificate Bond–How To Look Up Your Birth Certificate On The Stock Market”

“Birth Certificate Bond How To Look Up Your Birth Certificate On The Stock Market”

“How to find how much money your worth to the FED. Teach you how to trace the $$$”

“Securities Account created by Birth Certificate per UCC – Now You Are Free ! IHS”

Your Applications (applying for something) are funding CUSIP Bonds
“Something Strange Is Starting To Make Sense; The CUSIP Numbers Pt 1 – John Stuart”

Your Accepted for Value (A4V) Discharge of any Obligation. Do further research on Accepted for Value (A4V) to comprehend.

Enforcing Claims: How to Get Your A4V to Work 100% of the Time!”


Validity Basis for Discharge of Obligations Using Accepted for Value AFV

How to Use Your Exemption and Bonds for Accepted for Value A4V


One Method How to Endorse a Accepted for Value A4V

Doug Riddle Accepted for Value Process A4V



Notice of Memorandum of Law

Power of Acceptance

Accepted for Value A4V alternate

Accepted for Value A4V all examples

New Accepted for Value NAFV Examples

Accepted for Value -Taken for Value


House Joint Resolution 192 HJR192 repealed Federal Reserve Notes Are NOT Legal Tender



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