Sodium Fluoride is a Nerve Toxin Poison Equal to Sarin Flurophosgene and Carbonyl Fluoride

fluoride_is_poison02fluoride_is_poison03fluoride_is_poison04screenshot_Sarin Nerve Gas Fluorine Moleculescreenshot_Flurophosgene Fluorine Molecule



Sodium Fluoride is in fact cockroach poison. So what is doing in your water supply then? Are you aware that every tube of sodium fluoride toothpaste has a warning label on it? It says to contact the Poison Control Center. Why would it say that? Because its poison that’s why.  

I encourage you to do further research on what the main constituent of “flurophosgene” and/or “sarin” nerve gas are. According to sarin is 25 time more deadly than cyanide.

Have you used Teflon coated cookware? Do you happen to know what happens to “teflon” when it thermally breaks down? Please see the following:


screenshot_Teflon Decomposition 1

screenshot_Teflon Decomposition 2screenshot_Teflon Decomposition 3



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