Alex Jones PrisonPlanet the Truth that he will NOT Discuss or Reveal to You


Alex Jones Prison Planet the Truth that he will NOT Discuss or Reveal to You

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How is it possible that Alex Jones has NOT been removed from the Airwaves in all his so-called disclosures to you?

 2. Why has Alex Jones NEVER Disclosed that the United States is in fact a bankrupt corporation and NOT a legitimate government? Illegitimate you ask? Go research it for yourself. Research United States Code Title 28 section 3002 (15) (A) ,”Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933″, “Executive Order 6102 Roosevelt April 5, 1933″ Confiscation of lawful money Gold Original Document, and “District of Columbia Organic Act  of 1871” . According to House Joint Resolution 192 there is literally NO way to “pay” for anything. This opens the door to what is known as “Accepted for Value A4V” to discharge any and all obligations; including IRS, student loans, mortgages, criminal charges, etc… . You have been in fact pledged as collateral/the asset/the bank  to fund the bankrupt corporation through your Birth Certificate and Social Security CUSIP bond account numbers which are on these documents. Ask yourself  this. Why haven’t you received Full disclosure and Fully informed consent about all of this? Why hasn’t the bankruptcy of 1933 NEVER ever been discharged off the accounting books yet? Its the year 2015 now. That then makes it another Fraudulent Lie. I have provided just some of the proof evidence of this on my webpages. See above hyperlinks. Go research it further on the internet for yourself if you happen NOT to believe me then.

If Alex Jones NEVER Discloses that the United States is in fact a bankrupt corporation that makes him an agent for the bankrupt corporation then. Alex Jones is therefore another Deceiver and therefore has been deceiving you. His father is the father of all Lies. The Grand Deceiver.


I am NOT a so-called “PAY-triot” You never have to “pay” me  for any of this information. It is your obligation in life to help/assist others be delivered/escape from this perpetrated Lie from “them”.



United States is a Bankrupt Corporation

The United States is a Bankrupt 1871 Corporation

How can a Bankrupt Corporation be a Legitimate Government? Ask yourself that. It CAN’T! United States Code Title 28 section 3002 (15)(A) states United States means a Federal Corporation. The United States is a Corporation. Its NOT a country, government, nor a nation.  It therefore is NOT a legitimate government. Its a Corporation that someone owns and its NOT you. Its in business in order to make a profit even at the expense of your very own life. That means you have in fact been lied to about it your entire life. I have supplied documented proof for your to do your own research on everything that I am conveying to you now.

WARNING:  The information provided is for informational purposes only. All content is provided under “Fair Use” for public disclosure to the world’s population who may be unaware of such information exists. The United States is in fact a bankrupt corporation. Don’t take my word for it. Do in fact your own research on the following information that I have provided for you. It incorporated in 1871 according to the “District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871”. During the depression it went bankrupt in 1933 from the manipulation of another corporation monopoly known as the “Federal Reserve Association”; established in 1912. This is according to the “Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933” which dissolved what was known as the “Federal Government” . This Act is also known as “Public Law 89-719”. “House Joint Resolution 192″or “HJR-192”, also known as “Public Law 73-10”,  made it impossible to “pay” for anything because all lawful money, gold, was confiscated in order to pay for part of the bankruptcy of the established 1871 United States corporation. A remedy was provided what is known as “Accepted for Value” or “A4V” in order to discharge any obligation/debt because no real money actually exists. What you believe is “money” has been created out of thin air and is known as fake or Fiat currency. Its all debit and credit. NOT something tangible which has been dug out of the Earth such as gold. You have been living in a lie your entire life. It is NOT in fact a country, government, or nation which should prove to you that it is a constructed, engineered, fraudulent lie that you have been made to believe. Since it was never fully disclosed and you were never given fully informed consent any and all contracts/agreements with it and its agents are null and void due to the fact this was never ever fully disclosed to you under a contractual agreement. Its all contract agreements that is operating under the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.). “They” sold you into slavery/bondage to “pay” for the corporation’s bankruptcy of 1933 totally without your full knowledge or consent. When you were born “they” set up a manmade corporation in your name but it is in all upper letter case; its known as your “strawman”. Its initially funded approximately $100,000,000. You are the collateral that “pays”/funds the bankruptcy. The revenue generated by you your entire mortal life funds the bankrupt corporation United States. Your birth certificate bond asset fund is traded on the stock exchange your entire mortal life without your full knowledge or consent. Do you know who you are actually contracting with? When you are “charged”, including a so-called crime, “they” are attempting to bill your funding CUSIP asset bond account that “they” created. Just do NOT consent to their offer. They usually say: “Do you understand the charges against you?” Just say “I do NOT consent!”. They will assault you as they did me but that is coersion and voids any of their contractual agreements. Its November 2014. I am NOT a so-called “Pay-triot” . I will NOT charge or bill you for any of this information. I hope the following information will in fact provide you your true freedom. NO politician, spiritual/religious leader, teacher, media host, etcetera will ever disclose this information to you because they are agents of and for this deceptive lie.

The “All Mighty Creator of the Entire Universe” delivered me from “thier” fraudulent, deceptive, lie. Can you guess who constructed this lie?  I will give you a huge hint who constructed this lie for his agents to perpetrate upon this world. Its the “father of all lies”; since the beginning of humankind. However, the “All Mighty Creator of the entire Universe and everything within in it” is in total and ultimate control of it all. He created and ultimately owns the “father of all lies”. I believe the Earth is a proving ground for the “All Mighty Creator of the Universe” to test you to see where your loyalty is situated. I believe if one can figure out that you are in fact the replacements for those who had fallen from Heaven. The Earth is the first level of “Hell”. So, you do NOT believe this? Then why is there lying, cheating, stealing, murder/physical death, disease, famine and all forms of destruction upon the Earth then? Its referred to as the “box” or the “cube”, sometimes known as “Saturn’s cube”. Haven’t you wondered what they are refering to when they say “the four corners of the Earth”? Or, “thinking outside the box”? Haven’t you ever wondered why you must kill something and then consume it in order to live/survive; in this prison? That’s what the fallen ones and their by-products the demons are doing to you. Consuming you until your physical death. The “All Mighty Creator of the Universe” who came to Earth in the Flesh and died in the Flesh in order to give you the “key” to this prison for your release. But you must call upon his “Name” in order to release you from this prison because you are recognizing what He has in fact done for you. Your Earth suit Flesh body is your cell to this prison. I have NOT stated the “Name” of the All Mighty Creator of the Universe who came to Earth and died for us because for all I know everything has been corrupted here on Earth. I would like for you to know I went by my what you would refer to as my middle “Name” in my early years. No one ever got it correct. I was highly annoyed at this. If the All Mighty Creator of the Universe that came in the flesh was a Hebrew then you should be aware there is NO letter “J” in the Hebrew language. Go research it for yourself. Therefore, you are calling upon “something else” and it is yet another fraud which you are in belief of.  The “Name” of the All Mighty Creator of the Universe who came in the Flesh to Earth and died for us starting with the letter “J” is therefore wrong. I believe the All Mighty is highly annoyed when you continue to do this also. You have fallen just like the “father of all lies” and his army of fallen ones along with their by-products; the demons or the disembodied Nephilum. We are trapped in here with them; the first level of Hell. Their job is to deceive you before you physically/mortally die in the flesh before you obtain the “key” that releases you from the “box” or “cube” prison “they” have created. The unfolded “box” or “cube” prison is represented by “the cross” the “All Mighty Creator in the Flesh” perished on. He released you by sacrificing himself to you in this cursed Flesh body. However you must call upon his correct “name” in order for him to hear you. In my own personal experiences I have had success when I speak the command to the fallen ones and their by-products the demons ”  “The Blood of Yahshewa compels you”. Or, also spelled as Yahshua. But where are you commanding/compelling them too? You are commanding them back to the deepest/farthest level/reaches of  Hell. The Flesh body will eventually die with your soul and spirit trapped within it. Actually I am sacrificing myself in hope that someone will download and save/archive this information offline, away from electromagnetic pulse weapons, for further future generations to be aware of. I hope someone in the future will realize just some of my unique abilities. One of which is to be able to locate highly obscure information. Another is the ability to know how things operate in order to repair damage/broken items; and help us escape this engineered/constructed lie of hell on Earth which “they” have been using to enslaves us all since the beginning of humankind.
I rebuke/reproach all of their fraudulent fabricated lies.

I have a documented genius I.Q. (intellgent quotient). I am highly, highly, intuitive. For example, I told my parents that my brother was going to die. They both dismissed what I was saying. Quess what happened within two weeks to him? My brother had a Dipthera, Pertussis, Tetanus injection and subseequently died within 24 hours of getting it. My parents did NOT listen to me and someone physically died as a result. I told my mother NOT to have any cancer treatments and she initially stopped them and got better and started to eat again. She then, for some unknown reason, stated she was going to start treatments again. I pleaded with her NOT to do that or she would soon die. As she laid dying in the hospital room she said that I was in fact right but I told her she was too far gone now in order to bring her back to life. All her fluids from internal organs were leaking into her abdomen. She subsequently died a few weeks later. My father however listened to me and until “they” forcibly separated me from him to advise him he died in his 80’s. I attempted to sue the American Medical Association for murdering my mother. I went to eight Attornies. None of which would take the case. I wondered why. That is how I discovered “everything” is a fabricated lie. Do NOT trust what I am conveying to you now. Do your own research. Do NOT listen to any of their agents. Always demand that “they” provide you with proof/evidence of what “they” claim/state that you can test to see if it is in fact a lie. Almost 100% of the time “they” will NOT refute/deny your own claims against them. Silence by them is acquiescence/agreement that your claims are in fact true. 

You believe that is real money in your wallet and bank account. Guess again. Its actually what’s known as fiat currency (fake currency/money) or in other words its worthless paper script that is backed by nothing except by your labors because of the bankruptcy of 1933. Its based upon false weights and measures. It is created out of thin air by another monopoly corporation known as the “Federal Reserve” and you “pay” taxes for using this worthless script (known as usury). It is based upon debit and credit because it is NOT based upon anything tangible (real) such as gold or silver. The Federal Reserve Association incorporated in the state of Delaware under file number 0042817 in 1914. The IRS also known as the “Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service, Inc.” incorporated in the state of Delaware under file number 0325720 in 1933. See the following as proof.

In this fraudulent lie you were made to believe you are in fact also a corporation; which is known as your strawman. Its your all capitalized letter name on all your documents. Your manmade corporation was created by man the day you were born to your parents. So began your lie. Your strawman corporation was assigned approximately a $1,000,000 to your bond fund account and within your birth certificate is a cusip bond number assigned to it and is traded without your full knowledge and consent on the stock exchange your entire life. Some would refer to this as bond slavery.

screenshot_Cornell Webpage US Code Title 28 Section 3002screenshot_Cornell Webpage US Code Title 28 Section 3002  (15)  (A)

Article 4 Flag

Gold Fringe Flag 5screenshot_United States Code Title 4 Flag 10 sections States Code Title 4 Flag Nothing Mentioned about Gold Fringe on Flag States Code Title 4 section 3 Mutilation of Flag

There is NO mention of a gold fringe in United States Code Title 4 of an Article 4 flag. According to section 3 its considered a Mutilation of the flag and NOTHING is suppose to be on its plain standard. NO cannon ball, eagle, spear point, etc…. 

The header image at the top of this webpage is in fact NOT an Article 4 flag. Notice the representation of the crossed bones. Its “the cross”. 




United States Code Title 18 section 2381 – Treason

screenshot_U.S. Code Title 18 section 2381 Treason = Death
Federal Reserve file Number 0042817 delaware corporation

screenshot_Federal Reserve Association File No. 0042817 from

IRS file Number 0325720 delaware corporation


screenshot_Internal Revenue File No. 0325720 from




The real reason John F. Kennedy JFK was murdered with regard to his executive order 11110: 

JFK vs Federal Reserve $5.00 Note


John F. Kennedy JFK 1963 $5.00 Non-Federal Reserve Note:

1963 JFK Five Dollar non-Federal Reserve Note


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


NASA Warfare Strategy Document


Police Officer Jack McLamb’s – Operation Vampire Killer 2000


US Patent 5,676,977 AIDS Cure

US Patent 5,242,820 Pathogenic Mycoplasma


United States Code Title 50 section 1520 original before it was repealed and no longer available to be viewed by the world’s population. Be sure to read section 1520 (b)(1) . It gives “them” the right to use you as a science experiment without your fully informed consent:



Special Virus Cancer Program for development of AIDS Virus 1972:

Special Cancer Virus Program flow chart 1972 of US for development of AIDS virus


Sodium Fluoride is a nerve toxin poison:


Sodium Fluoride is in fact cockroach poison. So what is doing in your water supply then? Are you aware that every tube of sodium fluoride toothpaste has a warning label on it? It says to contact the Poison Control Center. Why would it say that? Because its poison that’s why.  

I encourage you to do further research on what the main constituent of “flurophosgene” and/or “sarin” nerve gas are. According to sarin is 25 time more deadly than cyanide.

Have you used Teflon coated cookware? Do you happen to know what happens to “teflon” when it thermally breaks down? Please see the following:

screenshot_Teflon Decomposition 1

screenshot_Teflon Decomposition 2

screenshot_Teflon Decomposition 3screenshot_Sarin Nerve Gas Fluorine Moleculescreenshot_Flurophosgene Fluorine Molecule


George Washington was a Master Mason and was the father “agent” to your bondage and enslavement. Observe all the symbols in the following jpg files:

George Washington-The Mason

George Washington-The Mason setting Capital Cornerstone

George Washington-The Master Mason



 Robert Edward Lee Confederate General
Go research the Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s wife Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee  (October 1, 1808 – November 5, 1873) who was a third cousin and the wife of Robert E. Lee  . Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee  was the granddaughter of Martha Washington ; the wife of Master Mason President George Washington. Did you know this? “They” play both sides in order to always win; you just happen to be always their “lunch” if your NOT wise as to what is going on.

I have a science/medical background. When in high school I won numerous awards in physics both at the high school level and at the university level. I am NOT blowing hot air out my backside when I am disclosing all of this information to you. I know what I am talking about. I am professing all of this from the roof tops to you so you will know. Whether you comprehend what I am showing you is a different matter. I have removed my name for security purposes in the attached photo. I repair electronic equipment such as laptops, digital cameras, game consoles, gps units, etc…. I won’t disclose his exact age but I know of a man that lived over 200 years of age who died in the 1930’s. I am now using the herbs he used. Notice that I have Black Hairs regrowing on my head now. I also am using electronic age reversal technology that I have built but it is NOT as powerful as what Al Bielek claimed “they” used on him. Almost all diseases are engineered in some way or another in order to extract funds from you  in order to fund the bankrupt corporation.  I also have used Wilhem Reich orgone technology  to make it rain within two days of its implementation for many years in one location.  Go research orgone technology and Wilhem Reich videos and what the bankrupt corporation did to him. “They” did it to Nikola Tesla also but he never went to prison. 


Wilhem Reich Orgone Cloudbusting Weather Control

Wilhelm Reich Orgone Cloudbusting Weather Control


My Physics Awards Front
My Physics Awards Back Side

My Repair of Broken Laptop

Electronic Repairs I Make 1



Electronic GPS Repairs

Age Reversal Black Hair Regrowth 1Age Reversal Black Hair Regrowth 2


According to the Federation of American Scientists ( teleportation was documented in a 2004 Physics Study by way of teleporting a radio signal from on location to another. It requires the mass of the planet Jupiter in order to operate/function. Perhaps you have heard of the Philadelphia Experiment or the Project Pegasus or the Montauk Project? “They” can escape destruction, like “they” did during the global flood, by way of this teleportation both in time space and also to another location space as in off world. There is also a vast underground tunnel system within the Earth they have constucted. The so-called time traveler “John Titor” left messages in a chat room about the year 2000. I saw and read them when he posted them back then about 15 years ago. He claimed that there is a nuclear war during the year of 2015. I wish to convey to you that I have learned but it is unverified information that the nuclear attack upon the bankrupt corporation United States will be on December 03, 2015  see link,  .  I will take down this link if I survive and it does NOT in fact occur on this date. It will be initiated either upon that day or before by North Korea. If it does occur you need to stop what you are doing and immediately leave the United States  that very hour before the (former Soviet Union) Russia initiates its own nuclear attack if you wish to survive in your mortal body. It is Titor who referred to the facility at Cern. Cern is being developed in order to fully open the portal/gateway from Earth to Hell and all those who resides there. According to December 2014 propaganda “news” the United States has issued sanctions against Russia for invading the Ukraine. I do NOT 100% believe John Titor because he employed an attorney to get his message out. “They” play both sides in order to always win. See for example:  . He is suppose to be an engineered Psyops . For example, He NEVER described the event of “911”. I wonder why that is? The word Attorney means Atornment. Atornment means to turn. To turn means to twist. What do you think “they” in fact twist? “They” twist the truth which equals a lie. Another purported time traveler is Andrew D. Basiago of The Project Pegasus. I do NOT 100% believe what he claims as he is an Attorney. He claims to run in future time as the President of the bankrupt corporation “United States”  and has traveled/teleported to the planet Mars. Another politician Attorney:


screenshot_Definition of Attornment

screenshot_Definition of Turn


Teleportation Physics Study Edwards Air Force Base:

Teleportation Physics Study EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE


screenshot_Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy e-Prints November 2014

screenshot_Federation of American Scientists Teleportation Physics Study November 2014


screenshot_Posts From John Titor

screenshot_John Titor Prediction 2015


Here is some interesting information that is unverified that you may wish to read about Vladimir Putin; head of Russia as of 2015:


Russia is an engineered enemy that has been constructed by the bankrupt corporation United States if you are unaware.

You should be aware that all modes of transportation are in fact obsolete with regards to teleportation regarding the Teleportation Physics Study of Edwards Air Force Base 2004 and what John Titor , Andrew D. Basiago ,and Al Bielek claim . Further, all firearms are in fact ancient history also.
screenshot_Youtube is owned  by Google and Tracks You so Don't watch Anonymously


I encourage you to view the following videos Titles or their Links. I suggest if the Links are dead then do further research for the video Titles somewhere else online. I suggest using a proxy server to view them. If you are unaware about its owned by and “they” do in fact track you.  Please see above screenshot photo as proof/evidence. If you are unaware about  and their part of the bankrupt corporation that is monitoring your activities. You should be using a web browser that attempts to block “their” tracking of you. Do you comprehend what the words “web” and “net”, as in internet, mean? The internet was developed in order for military bases to communicate with each other. I do NOT recommend using google Chrome web browser either.  I am limited in providing the  following videos to you directly :




“Facebook CIA and Illuminati”

“Haarp agenda 21 and googles role in the sinister dna plan”

“Google is watching you”




Nuclear Decontamination/Remediation Radiation Transmutation“Browns Gas additional properties”

“Illuminati training video leaked”

“Warning NASA End of the world leaked document 2013”

“Aliens Come From Hell”

“The Basics of the Occult of Saturn Satan The Black Cube X Explained”–mp4.html


“How to ESCAPE the PRISON R&E”


“666 The Cult of Saturn”

“Black Hole Son Saturn EL Is The God Of The Bible”


“Cern the Inter Dimensional Portal R E” 

Example of Lilly Wave inside my Apartment

“Tesla Coil Free Energy From The Atmosphere”

Tesla Gun”

“alien attacks police officer CNN BREAKING NEWS”


“The Big Plantation”

“Meet your strawman”!.flv

One time treatment Patented AIDS Cure from U.S. Patent Office

“The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie”

“Protect Yourself From Deadly Radiation”

“Cancer The Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary”

Cancer is Fungus 1 of 2″ ; its also a Mycoplasma, so are Prions/Mad Cow

“Cancer is Fungus 2 of 2” ; its also a Mycoplasma, so are Prions/Mad Cow

“Radio Bikini”

“70 Year Old Raw Foodist Looks Just 40!”

“Mesa man, 110, credits health to 5 foods”

“Old man did not eat and drink for 70 years”

“Man Hasn’t Eaten…For 70 Years”

“American Bankers Association”

Your Birth Certificate CUSIP Number is worth billions as traded on the stock market –

Your CUSIP number is a registered trademark of the “American Bankers
Association” and is worth billions via your traded
birth certificate bond a.k.a CUSIP number on the stock market:

“Your Birth Certificate is worth Billions”

“Birth Certifactes Strawman & Sold Into Slavery In 1932”

Birth Certificate Bond–How To Look Up Your Birth Certificate On The Stock Market”

“Birth Certificate Bond How To Look Up Your Birth Certificate On The Stock Market”

“How to find how much money your worth to the FED. Teach you how to trace the $$$”

“Securities Account created by Birth Certificate per UCC – Now You Are Free ! IHS”

Your Applications (applying for something) are funding CUSIP Bonds
“Something Strange Is Starting To Make Sense; The CUSIP Numbers Pt 1 – John Stuart”

Your Accepted for Value (A4V) Discharge of any Obligation. Do further research on Accepted for Value (A4V) to comprehend.

Enforcing Claims: How to Get Your A4V to Work 100% of the Time!”

“UCC 1 207 4 reserves your common law rights”

Real Teleportation Russia

“U.S. Air Force Teleportation Physics Study”

“Andrew D. Basiago Project Pegasus 11.11.09”

“Andrew Basiago The Project Pegasus”

“Al Bielek the montauk project”


“The Deceivers Exposed”


I have damage claims against the following agents and their corporations. No agent until now has provided their oath of office nor their surety bond number which indemnifies the against any damage they may cause. Therefore, they are frauds/imposters impersonating lawful authority. They are committing Treason and are subject to the penalty of death in order to be sent back to the “All Mighty Creator of the Universe” to be judged for what they are and have been doing. I have claimed the United States Postal Service and the Inspector General of USPS is stealing and allowing my mail to be stolen and have provided document proof without any response from them. They are operating an Extortion Racket in order to provide safe delivery of your mail; which should be provided without any insurance. Further, I happened to have made $5,769,432 in a Foreign Exchange Account. I was never able to withdraw this amount from the account. I have claimed this damage amount against the  “Commodity Futures Trading Commission”  Corporation: DUNS number 077799161 for NOT protecting my funds. See the following jpg files as proof/evidence:


screenshot_United States Postal Service DUNS number 00326125

screenshot_United States Postal Service Inspector General June 03 2014

screenshot_Notice of Valid Damage Claim Demand email to United States Postal Service Inspector General November 2012 Account Earned Total

screenshot_Commodity Futures Trading Commission DUNS number 077799161

screenshot_Commodity Futures Trading Commission Mission and Responsibilties

screenshot_Notice of Damage Claim Demand email to

screenshot_Corrections Kentucky Department DUNS number 926995812
screenshot_Elisha Notice of Valid Damage Claim Sept. 30 2014 top of email

screenshot_Elisha Notice of Valid Damage Claim Sept. 30 2014 bottom of email

screenshot_Notice of Demand to Corrections Kentucky Department agents Throckmorton Patterson Mahoney Dec. 17 2014 page onescreenshot_Notice of Demand to Corrections Kentucky Department agents Throckmorton Patterson Mahoney Dec. 17 2014 page twoscreenshot_Notice of Demand to Corrections Kentucky Department agents Throckmorton Patterson Mahoney Dec. 17 2014 page threescreenshot_Notice of Demand to Corrections Kentucky Department agents Throckmorton Patterson Mahoney Dec. 17 2014 page four