Cancer has been “Curable” since the 1930’s and you have been Lied to about it

Cancer has been “Curable” since the 1930’s and you have been lied to about it

See the following videos for Cancer Cures:

“Cancer The Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary”

Cancer is Fungus 1 of 2″ ; its also a Mycoplasma, so are Prions/Mad Cow

“Cancer is Fungus 2 of 2″ ; its also a Mycoplasma, so are Prions/Mad Cow

“Research Baking soda cancer cure”


“They” engineered it and tell you “they” are searching for “cure” for a reason. It generates vast amounts of revenue which in essence is another one of “their”  monopoly corporation extortion rackets. You can “cure” it yourself if you alter your blood pH into the alkaline range for example by consuming baking soda. Stop consuming sugar as it neutralizes your immune system for approximately four hours after consumption. You need your immune system in order to identify the cancer cells within the body. Artificial sweeteners are even worse aspartame degrades into what is known as wood alcohol or methanol. Methanol can cause blindness for just one effect upon the body. You need to check your urine pH using pH paper to get an idea of your blood’s pH. Your blood pH is in the acidic range because of the poisons and Dead food, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners, fluoride, etc… “they” are putting in your food, air, and water. Your food is actually Dead because “they” gamma irradiated it and pasteurize it (or cook it). It therefore has NO vitamins, minerals, or enzymes to function properly in you body to repair damaged cells. The only thing that grows on something Dead is Fungus and Mold which are decomposition organisms that break down something that is Dead. So what do you think happens when you introduce Dead food into your physical body? You encourage the growth of Mold and Fungus. According to  Dr. Tullio Simoncini  from   he claims cancer is in fact a Fungus. You further irradiate your worthless food inside your microwave ovens. The meats that you are consuming are filled with diseases that came from the animal that “they” injected with their vaccines and fed Dead food too which “they” eventually slaughter. Start eating live whole unprocessed food that has vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in order to repair your damaged cells “they” have been poisoning you with. Alter your blood pH by consuming for example sodium bicarbonate. Please remember the Food and Drug Administration FDA and the Department of Agriculture is part of the United States bankrupt corporation that is in business in order to make a profit. That means its in business even at the expense of your very own life. There are naturally occurring herbs also like the South American Cancer Cure “Pau d’ Arco” bark; which is actually a great tasting tea you consume for example. No Fungus or mold will grow on “Pau d’ Arco” when it dies as a tree. You should also consider Turmeric or also known as Curcumin .  It has many properties. However, you should be aware that it becomes more readily available to the body when black pepper is with it when consumed. Go research the many benefits of this spice/herb. Also, Go read Hippocrates, where the Hippocratic Oath comes from, on what he says on how to treat a cancer. He states you do NOT cut on a cancer and you do NOT burn it. He says you use mild treatments and you will live a  whole lot longer. If you cut normal cells what happens to them? They attempt to grow and repair themselves. What do you think happens when you cut a cancer cell then? You are telling it to grow and repair itself. Please take Note of this when you consider having a Biopsy. Further, why would you ever consider poisoning an already sick individual with chemotherapy? You better wake up and take Notice of what is going on.



screenshot_Dr. Tullio Simoncini cancer is a Fungus webpage



Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone Technology was used to cure people with cancer. The plants Turmeric and Aloe are suppose to be very high in Orgone. Wilhelm Reich was sent to prison. He probably never realized that the United States is actually a bankrupt 1871 corporation according to United States Code Title 28 section 3002 (15) (A) and the “District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871″  which sends people to prison in order to generate revenue for itself. Pretty diabolical wouldn’t you say?

Cancer, Mad Cow disease, etc… are actually caused by the crystalline form of the bioengineered “Mycoplasma” they constructed for your consumption.  See for example the following patent:


US Patent 5,242,820 Pathogenic Mycoplasma


Has the Mycoplasma been inserted into a Fungus:



I wish you to know that I gave documented proof of the Patented Cure to the AIDS virus to four physicians (Medical Doctors) that I know.  See:   US Patent 5,676,977 AIDS Cure  . The Patent States “Method of Curing AIDS” on it. The substance is a form of Silver. That is one reason why Silver is considered a precious metal (because of its properties). Do you know what each and every Medical Doctor did? They immediately looked at it and quickly proceeded to hand it back to me without asking any questions. I said NO. That is for you to keep. They did NOT ask me any questions concerning it whatsoever. Can you guess why? Because “they” have NO intention of “Curing” anything!!! “They” are part of the ongoing Deception. “They” create a problem so “they” are their in order to solve it. However, when you create a problem and enrich yourself by its called an “Extortion Racket”!!!  If you are unable to locate patent 5,676,977 at the U.S. Patent office for yourself Print out  US Patent 5,676,977 AIDS Cure  it here for yourself and hand it to a physician (Medical Doctor) and see for yourself what “they” do!!!

Special Cancer Virus Program flow chart 1972 of US for development of AIDS virus



You may also wish to read  Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection; The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America (1988) .