John Titor Time Traveler The Truth about him



 I do NOT 100% believe John Titor because he employed an attorney to get his message out. “They” play both sides in order to always win. See for example the video “the Truth about John Titor” :  . He is suppose to be an engineered Psyops . For example, He NEVER described the event of “911”. I wonder why that is?  He uses an attorney to get his message out. An attorney is a licensed BAR monopoly agent of the bankrupt United States corporation. Its a corporation according to United States Code Title 28 section 3002 (15) (A) and “District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871”. It went bankrupt according to “Emergency Banking Act of 1933”  ,  “Executive Order 6102 Roosevelt April 5, 1933″ Confiscation of lawful money Gold Original Document . You have been in fact pledged as collateral/the asset/the bank  to fund the bankrupt corporation through your Birth Certificate and Social Security CUSIP bond account numbers which are on these documents. Ask yourself  this. Why haven’t you received Full disclosure and Fully informed consent about all of this? Why hasn’t the bankruptcy of 1933 NEVER ever been discharged off the accounting books yet? Its the year 2015 now. That then makes it another Fraudulent Lie. I have provided just some of the proof evidence of this on my webpages. See above hyperlinks. Go research it further on the internet for yourself if you happen NOT to believe me then.

If John Titor time traveler NEVER Discloses that the United States is in fact a bankrupt corporation that makes him an agent for the bankrupt corporation then. Alex Jones is therefore another Deceiver and therefore has been deceiving you. His father is the father of all Lies. The Grand Deceiver.


The word Attorney means Attornment. Attornment means to turn. To turn means to twist. What do you think “they” in fact twist? “They” twist the truth which equals a Lie. 50 thousand men died at Gettysburg. Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s wife Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee  (October 1, 1808 – November 5, 1873) was a third cousin and the wife of Robert E. Lee  was the granddaughter of Martha Washington ; the wife of Master Mason President George Washington. Did you know this? “They” play both sides in order to always win; you just happen to be always their “lunch” if your NOT wise as to what is going on.


Robert Edward Lee Confederate General



I am NOT a so-called “PAY-triot” You never have to “pay” me  for any of this information. It is your obligation in life to help/assist others be delivered/escape from this perpetrated Lie from “them”.