William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse 1991 and Timothy McVey Disclosure


Here is William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse. Mr. Cooper was a True Martyr and this page is dedicated to his memory of him and is disclosed to the Public under fair use. He was trying to explain what is truly going on in this world for the Public to fully comprehend. He in fact had almost all the pieces to this world’s hidden puzzle and was presenting it to the world to comprehend back in 1991. I am sorry Mr. Cooper did not make the full connection to what UFO’s are and what the fallen ones are and their by products the demons or disembodied nephelium are; due to what happened to some of them during the flood of Noah. They are running the whole crooked show here since the beginning of humankind. However he was in fact on the right path in attempting to explain them and what they are in fact doing to us. Here is his book for all of humankind to read and study in memory of his sacrifice:




William Cooper was suppose to have been a naval intelligence officer at one time. I believe he may have lost a leg at one time also. I listened to him on his radio program when he was alive, before “they” murdered him, and he use to curse like a sailor. I recall that during one of his radio programs that I happened to listen to Mr. Cooper claimed Timothy McVey came and attempted to visit him. Mr. Cooper claimed Timothy McVey was an infiltrator. He claimed McVey won the Bronze Star. Mr. Cooper Aired allegedly the Execution of Timothy McVey and I heard the reporter state that McVey was pronounced Dead but the reporter then stated he COULD still SEE McVey still breathing. The point being from Mr. Cooper is How can someone be pronounce Dead and still be seen Breathing? McVey’s body allegedly was cremated destroying any proof/evidence that this was in fact a Dead Timothy McVey. I don’t know if the Execution from this reporter is still available or not. I have not done further research in order to locate this information. You may wish to do further research on this matter for yourself and locate this information. However, this is what I personally heard during one of Mr. Cooper’s radio programs.


Timothy McVey


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